Friday, July 25, 2008


Something horrible has happened. Something I never ever foresaw coming to be. Something that makes me wake in a cold sweat in the middle of the night with a queasy sensation typically reserved only for those that just found out they're going to be a parent for the first time...

... I dropped below sixty books on my pull list.

I KNOW!! It's fucking anarchy it is. I have no idea how this situation sneaked up on me like it did. Just like an STD, you're going about your business per usual, you're washing your bits in the shower and BAM! you find a growth the size of fucking Topeka poking out of the forest. Terrible, just terrible...

But, there is some good in this. This means I've got some flexibility in the old pull list again. I can go ahead and do some more experimenting on what I decide to spend my hard earned "I didn't go nuts and gun down everyone at work" dough for being such a diligent worker at Monotony Central. So what do we go for here. What should I try to expand my comic booking horizons and add some meat to the already rather filling allotment of books I buy? Do I go out and find some more Indie projects to expand my knowledge of what's out in the industry? Or do I maybe stick closer to home and just find some mainstream Big Two books I've been neglecting? My pull does feel rather light on the Fisticuffs and Spandex crowd. Maybe. Let's break this down.

Admittedly, my first reaction is to go to the Image or Dark Horse, more the former than the latter. Part of it would be because, well, I really do tend to not care as much about Marvel and DC as much as I used to. Part of it is just because they're in full-on event mode, and neither one of their offerings intrigues me at all. Another would be, well, I guess I'm just a little bit of an elitist when it comes to my comics. I want the best and only the best, nothing wrong with that, and honestly, the best typically comes from these two companies these days, at least when comparing them to DC and Marvel direct. Vertigo is still king IMO, but I already buy enough from that line.

I still love my superhero books, don't get me wrong their either, but quite frankly, and again IMO, if you have anywhere near a decent comic book budget (say 20+ books a month. If all you can afford is a handful of books a month, by all means, get your Batman fix or whatever and be happy) and all you buy are mainline superhero comic books, well then you're a bit of an asshole. And the converse is true too. If you're spending all your wad on just Indie books or less mainstream work like what Vertigo has to offer and so on, and not at least maybe getting your Superman on, then what the fuck is the point? Comics, arguably more so than any form of media out there, can and are about anything you want them to be. To waste all your time on just one genre, or completely avoiding it is to not be using your Comic Books for what they're worth. If books like FABLES, FEAR AGENT, DMZ, WASTELAND, CASANOVA, WALKING DEAD, CRIMINAL, FELL, and on and on can't muster any enthusiasm out of you they're you're either the most boring person ever, or don't even know what I'm talking about when I name drop books like those. It's like telling me all you watch on the teley are Sitcoms. That's bullshit. Expand your horizons or GTFO. Buy SCALPED you bastards, it's better than probably 99% of what you're buying right now.

End rant. Moving on.

So, DH and Image are out, and I don't really see anything from the outside like Avatar or IDW et al, and like I said I've been kind of hankering for more Supes stuff, probably thanks to them being so prominent this summer in the Box Office and how much fun I've had watching movies this summer thanks to that. The dilemna continues though: there's really not much left to pick from there either. I pretty much buy what I believe to be the best from both companies, with some person exceptions even though I know the books are good (like how I'm not buying the GREEN LANTERN stuff because I'm already getting my Cosmic fix from the Marvel equivalent like NOVA and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, which I think are just as good as the ring-bearing equivalent and I just tend to lean more that company's way when it comes to those types of books). But I've got my CAPTAIN AMERICA's and JSA's and THOR's covered, and while I might be jonesing for more comics I'm not about to buy average or subpar ones to fill out the roster. What to do, what to do.

Be patient, that's what.

One of the best things about comics, there's always more coming. I might have been down on Comic Con a couple days ago, but it's not like comics do get totally forsaken there. You've just got to stay on your toes. We already knew that James Robinson was going to be starting a new JLA series soon, lets start there. STUMPTOWN coming this fall, if you don't know what that is then you deserve to be slapped. Greg Rucka doing creator owned Crime Fiction. That's all I have to say. AGENT OF ATLAS ongoing? Sign me up. And no sooner do I drop the PUNISHER MAX series that word comes down Jason Aaron may in fact write it for a bit. I'll tentatively pencil that back in. Give me more people, give me more. I've got an addiction to feed and I've already tied off my arm (the irony not being lost on me that I use a heroin metaphor after dropping Jason Aaron's name). My stack of TPBs to the side is only shin deep right now. That's like, two weeks tops. Feed me. Feed me Seymour! *breaks out in musical*

... actually, lets not do that.

Time to break get my COMIC BOOK TATTOO on finally. This is gonna be good.


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