Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ooo... Internet Drama!

Eh, okay, not really so much drama, but there was a little bit of "verbal sparring" and whatnot going around some of the geek websites I frequent when it comes to reviewing comics on the Internet. First, it started with a little bit of a "tangent" I guess you would say by comics writer B. Clay More on his blog about Reviews on comics when it comes to Creator Owned material and so on. This prompted Josh from iFanboy, pretty much the only review site I even check out anymore besides seeing what my cohorts at AICN did up for the week, to comment on the blog, and talk about BCM's posting on the iFanboy site, and which to go even further caused a podcast to be formed between BCM and Josh about the "fine art" of the internet review and what exact is the worth or even point of them.

You (all five of you that is) can go and read up on everything if you want and decide what you think, but mainly I was posting this because yeah, I do Internet Reviews, and yeah, sometimes I wonder what the point is. With this age of the Internet, where everyone has a voice and an opinion they want to use with it, where people make random posts on random sites like this one and expect people to actually read and care, does anything anyone says even register? There's just so much information, and so much wordage being thrown about, it's almost like pissing in the wind don't you think? Sometimes I do, most times I do, but y'know, sometimes it really does seem to work out.

Sure, I know no one reads this nor cares, and that's fine because I've said many times I do this for me anyways. It gets the writer bug I tend to have out. Just like why I do the AICN review thing, because y'know, I read a lot of comics, and I tend to think I know what makes a good one, and I also personally hate to see good books get neglected in place of stuff that is highly mediocre yet more available. It downright pisses me off. And I know for the most part we're just a little corner of the Internet, but I also know that apparently some people care because I've gotten feedback on a forum or two that some people have actually picked up a book or two or three on my say so, which is neat, and occasionally I get a thank you from a creator here and there that appreciates the attention, for good or for bad honestly. But I just dunno if I like the concept of Internet Reviewing being so passe already, because while for the most part, the very most part, a review on the internet really is some random schlub, who really is pretty ignorant of the medium as a whole going on some rant or tangent or just had something they thought was clever or "snarktastic" to relay, but there are some good peeps who know their shit out there and do tend to help out here and there.

Basically, I don't want being a reviewer on the Internet to come down like having sex with an ugly person, where everyone does it and some point, but only the really bold ones admit to it.

Oh yeah, and I have a pretty huge ass response in detail to what BCM and Josh were talking about down towards the bottom of that "podcast" link up above. So, y'know, more random wordiness on my part. Yays...

And now I'm off to see the Alkaline Trio, and a midnight showing for Wanted. GiddythefuckUp...


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